Requests will be read and reviewed during business hours in order of receipt, and a reply sent from the appropriate department although this may take several days. Some requests may take time to respond to, while others we may not be able to response to. We cannot guarantee responses to every request. In addition, as responses are intended for the eyes of the requester only, we ask that you refrain from re-posting responses on online message boards, revealing them to third parties, or otherwise displaying, copying, or distributing them.

Do you accept concept proposals and scripts?
We do not accept unsolicited submissions of any kind (including email attachments). Please refrain from sending ideas, concepts, stories, scripts, characters, or any other original work to our offices. Any original work sent will be immediately disposed of without compensation, with understanding that the following conditions apply:
  • CWF is under no obligation to offer feedback, evaluation, employment, or compensation for any materials received.
  • CWF will not treat any submitted materials as confidential.
May I use still images or videos from CWF titles?
Please use our contact form to send us the details of your request. Include the name of the title, the purpose of the request, your schedule, the deadline for receiving materials, the name of the media in which they are to be published, the month and date of intended publication, the quantity and format of materials required, and whether your intended usage is subject to licensing costs.
How do I request commercial showings of CWF titles?
Please use our contact form to send us the details of your request. Include the name of the title, the time and date(s) of the showing, the number of showings, and the admission fee you are charging.
※Please refrain from contacting us regarding private screenings.
※Please direct inquiries regarding "Your Name." and "Weathering With You" to Toho Co., Ltd.
I've discovered an illegal upload of a CWF title.
Please use our contact form to send us the name of the title(s) and the URL of the site hosting the illegal uploads.
Is it possible to tour or visit the studio?
To maintain our team's focus, we are unable to accept studio visits or tours.
I want to send fan mail to a CWF creator. Where do I send it?
Please send all fan mail to the adress below:
CoMix Wave Films Inc.
Fujisawa bldg.3F,4-30-16 Ogikubo,Suginami-ku
Tokyo 167-0051,JAPAN
*Please write the name of the creator to whom it is addressed.
I want to request an original animation or illustration, or I want to request a lecture from a CWF creator.
We do not currently accept solicitations regarding the kinds of requests listed below. However, depending on the nature of the request and the schedule involved, we may still respond. Please use our contact form, attach a proposal document, and include a description of the request with your estimated budget and schedule.
  • Requests to CWF creators for work on original titles
  • Requests to studios for creations of illustrations or animation
  • Requests to CWF creators for lectures, interviews, or other public appearances