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Flavors of Youth

Flavors of Youth

"Flavors of Youth" is consisting with 3 short stories: "Love in Shanghai", "The Rice Noodles" and "A Little Fashion Show". "Love in Shanghai" is set in Haolin Li's hometown,shikumen(lane houses) in Shanghai, and is a tale of lost love from young couple."The Rice Noodles", directed by live action director Joshua Yi, who will make his anime debut on bringing his memories of the Sansen Noodle from his hometown in Hunan. "A Little Fashion Show", is portraying two Guangzhou sisters supporting each other from losing parents at young age.Takeuchi Yoshitaka, CG chief of Supporting Shinkai' series, will be the director



Director: Haorin Li/Joshua Yi/Takeuchi Yoshitaka

Production · Distribution · Writing

Produced by Haoliner Animation
Animation Production: CoMix Wave Films
Distribution: Tokyo Theatres Company
Length: total 74 min, 3 episodes

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